Haba Toys that Have Serious Shelf Life

HABA doesn't just create toys to keep the kids "entertained" - we develop time-tested toys, games and other inventive playthings that encourage young minds to explore, thus helping to develop their fine motor skills and stimulate their creativity. Most importantly, we intend for our products to be enjoyed by a broad range of children. It's no surprise that time and time again we hear the words "timeless", "classic" and "simple" from parents and caregivers in regards to our toys. It's something we love to hear, and something we're very proud of. Children don't need fancy toys, with lights, sounds and movement to keep them "entertained." Children need simple toys, that give them the opportunity to think on their own and play in their own way. When children are given the opportunity to play with open-ended toys and objects, this encourages them to get involved, experiment with different outcomes, and to actually participate in play not just sit back and watch.

The famous educator Maria Montessori once said: “Imagination does not become great until human beings, given the courage and the strength, use it to create.” Children need to be allowed the opportunity to exercise their imagination! The simpler the toy, the more opportunity children have to use that toy in any way they want.


Here are two toys from HABA sure to have serious "Shelf Life" in your household and are guaranteed to help children (and even adults!) exercise their imagination!

Pegging Game Smart Fellow Set - With our Brain Builder Peg Set, little ones will activate their brain to solve the different peg patterns. Game includes three different levels of difficulty from the easiest at 1 star to the hardest with 3 stars. One side of the card shows the end result structure, the other side shows the 'answer' of how to build that structure. Kids (and parents) of all ages can step up to the challenge or design their own!







Pegging Game Colour FunYour child will love play this colorful and education game. With an endless number of possible outcomes and way to build they will be entertained and stimulated every time they play.










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